Sunday, July 24, 2005


Triumps and failures. Virtues and faults. Accomplishments and loses. This is but honesty and truth. This is simply reality and sincerity. This is the life of every private individual, of every public official.

Highs and lows are what in fact take place in the life of every person and family. Every community and country. The same holds true from the lowliest citizen to the highest office holder in the land. Anyone who claims exemption hereform must belong to another planet.

Optimism when unfounded is delusion. Pessimism when already blind is destruction. It is objective truth that brings liberation. It is sound reality that advances tenable vision.

Even for once, it would be refreshing to listen to a State of the Nation Address that contains both lights and shadows. Plus signs as well as minus factors. It would be both enlightening and encouraging if the President would this time tell the people the state of the nation as it is--in terms of her victories as well as defeats.

During these times of deep political divisions, grave economic difficulties and serious social unrest, there is no more room for big empty promises, devious maneuverings, motherhood statements, dead and dry statistics, unrealistic projections.

The precarious situation of the country makes mandatory the telling of truth, the presentation of reality. This is the imperative of reason. The demand of sanity. These are the best times for sincerety, the worst of time for dishonesty.

There can be one and only true state of the nation. Any other should be but all falsehood or half truths. An either is a marked disservice to the people. A distinct ethical liability of their President.

There have been one too many promising State of the Nation Addresses. And yet, they are presently too many depressing features in the country. It is time to be told in realilty and truth what the state of the nation is--for a change.

24 July 2005