Tuesday, July 26, 2005

charter change

The country is sevenfold poor: Poor morals. Poor governance. Poor politics. Poor execution of laws. Poor justice system. Poor economy. Poor people.

The national leadership has three basic problems: corruption. Jueteng payola. Scandalous tape. All these bring about three national liabilities: Deepening division. Growing dissent. Distrusted government agencies.

One wonders how could such a sevenfold drawback and sixfold problematic be resolved with one well and much proclaimed option: charter change.

The form of government is not the problem but those governing. The system does not work because of the people behind it. The fundamental problem is not politics but morality among politicians.

To be “high in charter change” but low in morals is an exercise in futility. Immoral leadership, amoral governance and demoralizing agenda are the composite formula for social disaster.

In fact, for honest people, irrelevant is the law against thievery. For upright and decent people, prisons are a waste. So too, for good and able politicians, the form of government is immaterial.

There is moral crisis, fiscal crisis, political crisis in the Philippines not because of system failure but due to the failure of those running the system. In the same vein, a different form of government would fail too if the one governing are the same.

These are the best of times for people to learn that moral principles are what make a political system serve them well. Without moral principles, any form of government would be but a big disservice to them.

In other words: morality first and everything else comes second. Integrity, truth, justice: Without these, any form of government is vanity. With these, any form of government is opportunity.

26 July 2005