Thursday, June 02, 2005

trying hard

The check baits did not work. These came in the amounts of thousands and millions in the past two years. But they did not get a single bite. They just laid there and they rotted there.

The threats came through anonymous letters, phone calls, text messages. Yet, these have not lessened much less stopped the anti-jueteng work. In fact, the action to counter the gambling syndicate has now become even more intense and interesting.

Next will come the attempt to attack my moral integrity. There will be certain characters scheduled to come out with vacuous accusations about the long list of the “boys and girls” as well as the ”men and women” in my life. This is funny and entertaining, to say the least.

I take not the least offense against the so called “dirty tricks department” orchestrating all the above vain and futile programs and projects. I understand. I sympathize with the big preoccupations of all those affected by the on-going inquiry about the jueteng lords and their payola beneficiaries. They are worried. They are disturbed. They are mounting their self-defense with no holds barred.

One thing appears certain: The Senate and House hearings must be worrying much the people in power and the individuals of influence, named as jueteng lords or jueteng payola beneficiaries. They are now very nervous, very apprehensive, very defensive.

Anything and everything - - including the proverbial “kitchen sink”—are all thrown out into the jueteng probe to muddle the issue. To confuse the people, to cover up the truth.

But truth is a marvelous reality. It has a life of its own. Cover it up. Put it in chain. Bury it even. But all these notwithstanding, truth always finds a way of letting itself out. In fact even when fake leaders, false personalities, lying characters may have long died and deeply buried, the truth about their persons survive and ultimately show itself.

Dirty department producing dirty tricks invented my dirty people with dirty mind and dirty plan. They are dirt! Nothing more. Nothing less.

+OVCruz, DD
2 June 2005