Friday, June 17, 2005

tale of the tape

Unexpectedly, a tape was proudly displayed by Malacañang. Expectedly, people began asking disturbing questions. Unfortunately, Malacañanga was at a loss what to say. Fortunately, the citizenry seem to know the unsettling answers. Understandably, Malacañang is now ominously silent, sadly blasé about the tape as a whole.

If the tape is genuine in its making and/or contents, if it proves dishonest and dirty elections, if it establishes the illegitimacy of the present administration, then, Malacañang should keep its silence, must maintain its refusal to answer questions, and simply wait for the storm to calm down—if ever it will.

If the tape is falsified in its composition and/or entries, if it is simply a malicious ploy to discredit the administration, if it has merely the devious intent to destabilize the government if not unseat the national leadership, then Malacañang has no option.

It should then be none other than the president who must officially and decidedly subject the tape to verification by top local and/or foreign experts in the required technology. It should be the president herself who must see to it that this deadly issue is resolved once and for all, well and fast.

The president is clearly the principal content, the main subject of the tape. And she is clearly too the one who must lead actively and resolutely in having the many questions about the same tape rightly and squarely answered.

Woe to her and woe to the country if she would simply allow others to forward the answers to the questions paused by the tape—about the persons therein and the pronouncements thereby recorded.

Truth or lie, the tape in question is no light matter. Not only the past could be dug up. The present of the country might become uncertain, and its future pitifully made unpredictable.

An answer in truth and in fact—this is the demand of the tape to be made manifest, the obligation of government to work on, the right of the people to know. And neither silence nor passivity on the part of the president could provide that much urgent answer.

+O. V. CRUZ, D.D.
17 June 2005