Thursday, June 30, 2005


Karma is the relationship between cause and effect. It is premised on reality and experience. It is the law of nature that what you sow is what you reap.

The oppressor is ousted by the oppressed. The immoral leader loses the moral authority to lead. The cheat is spurned by the cheated.

The liar stumbles to truth. The strong is felled by the weak. The corrupt is vanquished by honestly. When someone is standing on falsity, truth is a big enemy. When the influential and powerful die, they all end up lying down at the level of the helpless and miserable.

Karma is a reality check, a wake-up call to all at all times in all life circumstances. This is particularly true and relevant to the now obtaining socio-political situation in the country.

The causes have been placed: the poor is even impoverished. Corruption has become a way of life of many holding power. Clean and honest elections still remain illusive.

It has been this way long since. It is still the same these days. Thus it is that there is now much resentment and dissent. No wonder that the country repeatedly takes one step forward and two steps backward.

Branded as having the primacy in the exploitation of women and children. Qualified as the second most corrupt country in the world. Warned as leading to the collapse of its educational system. This is the Philippines -- now!

Restlessness of the people. Crisis in the national leadership. Instability of government. Fear in the present and uncertainty of the future. This is the lot of the Filipinos -- still!

When shall we learn that electing questionable leaders only brings about questionable leadership; putting into government offices corrupt individuals is but certifying corrupt governance. This is not a political matter. This is a matter of morals.

+O.V. CRUZ, D.D.
30 June 2005