Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Truth is an invaluable reality, a priceless asset. Anyone who knows he has the truth, as no fear to conquer, no motive to hide, no interest to protect. Peace and courage are the common benefits of truth to one who has it.

With truth, one talks straight and firm. While imprudence and disrespect may not accompany truth, neither does truth respect personalities and parties. The truth may offend, disturb and even anger people. But this is not the fault of truth but the misfortune of those who has no claim to it. To live in falsehood has its own inherent penalties—inside out and outside in.

Facing any inquiry, answering all questions and confronting any unreasonable insinuation are but a matter of course when one has the truth and hold on to it. And this was exactly what happened when the findings and data of the Krusadang Bayan Laban sa Jueteng were made as the subject matter of a hearing of the Committee on Public Order and Safety of the House of Representatives.

Held yesterday afternoon, all the congressmen therein present were courteous and kind. They were a good number of questions asked and these were answered according to the truth as known and held by the Crusade. A couple of insulting regards were made. But these were squarely and firmly corrected.

One thing is certain and true: the findings and data of the National Anti-Jueteng Crusade come from sources in and out of the government, from private citizens and public officials. This is absolutely because no constituent member of the organization is within the jueteng circle of capitalists and beneficiaries.

That is why the said particular conclusions of the crusade that is convinced of their truth, should be still nevertheless validated by the proper public authorities concerned.

Another thing is also certain. The jueteng lords are rather notorious in their respective territories of operations by their names and faces. Yet how strange it is that those in charge of running after them as purveyors of illegal activities do not seem to know them at all. If so, what really do they know, if any?

4 May 2005