Tuesday, May 31, 2005

payback time

Payback time has hopefully come to the infamous jueteng lords in the country. They recruited cobradores and cabos to slave for them. They inculcated the mentality of chance and spirit of indolence among the simple people. They exploited the poor and the gullible. They enriched themselves with gross greed. They bought protection and silence from chosen local officials and police authorities of power and influence.

Well, happy days appear to be over for the jueteng capitalists, financiers, operators as the nation groans from the social costs brought about by jueteng. It is about time that the decades of social decay and the systematic corruption perpetrated by jueteng payolas be ended once and for all.

Only the jueteng patrons and protectors still have the guile to claim that this illegal numbers game—just like masiao and the other deceitful gambling forms—is an innocent pastime, a harmless favorite. Some of them now even shout for its legalization. This way, what has been long since wrong would be strangely made right, their vicious deeds thus overlooked, their corrupted persons thereby deodorized.

The social costs left by jueteng constitute public spectacle. The cobradores show empty hands. The cabos complain of empty pockets. But the marvel of all marvels is that the jueteng lords still have all the money taken from the poor. The jueteng payola beneficiaries continue to have their pockets full of payola beneficiaries continue to have their pockets full of jueteng bets placed by the gullible.

Let the government now take back the ill-gotten money of the jueteng lords. Let public authorities retrieve the dirty money received by the jueteng beneficiaries. And let all these moneys fund the misery of the cobradores and cabos. Give them livelihood, grant scholarships to their children. Return to them their lost human dignity.

There must be billions stacked here and there by the jueteng lords and their payola beneficiaries. Make them now shed their pounds and fats. They have been pampered too long. They have lorded over on people with much glee and delight. They should be cut down to their rightful size—which is petty and insignificant.

Payback time has come!

30 May 2005