Monday, May 23, 2005

lord of jueteng

They are relatively few. They are well known. They are very influential. These are the characters lording it over jueteng in the country. They intervene in the electoral process. They have a say in governance. They manipulate public order.

Individually, every jueteng lord is a big treat to social peace and national harmony. Reason: They have too much. They know too much. They can cause much trouble.

Having too much money without sweating for it, jueteng lords wield vicious power or buy protection, to keep their syndicate intact, to have even more money. All of them have the same composite movant force: Gred. Avarice. Covetousness.

Knowing much is the most precious asset of every jueteng lord. They know in a frightful way the personalities who actually receive jueteng payolas, how much they exactly receive, when precisely they receive the payments, the way these are concretely delivered.

Having too much money and knowing too much information, each jueteng lord can be rightfully called a “sleeper”. Jueteng lords are big potential local liabilities and national threats. They can readily cause social unrest, dissent and upheaval.

The bigger a jueteng lord is in his territorial coverage and pursuant money-power, the more dangerous he becomes to the country—to its local, regional and national payola beneficiaries.

When such a jueteng big-shot publicly says what he knows, there can be many big heads that could roll, there can be many high personalities who could fall flat on their faces.

That is why the biggest jueteng payola beneficiaries cannot but be also the strongest protectors of big jueteng lords. That is why the jueteng lords should remain untouched, unhurt, unchallenged. They opposite happened before. It can happen—again.

23 May 2005