Wednesday, May 18, 2005

jueteng tentacles

It was first taken for granted and tolerated. It was thereafter promoted and protected. What was then a tiny squid has now become a huge octopus—devouring anybody and anything in its way.

This is jueteng then and now. Together with other illegal numbers games, its greedy and deadly tentacles have their grip all over the country. It renders many persons in authority deaf, blind and dumb.

It deceives the many poor and ignorant—making them more miserable and desperate. It intervenes in the electoral process of the country—undermining free and honest elections. It corrupts governance—staining local officials and public servants.

Jueteng equals money. Money equals power. Power makes jueteng lords invisible and untouchable. Their big and influential beneficiaries have to see to it that they remain unconfronted, unchallenged, unchained. Otherwise, the moment even but one of them talks—how much jueteng payolas go to whom—not a few of those in high offices and with lofty titles fall flat on their faces.

Certain people never learn. It was jueteng that once started a revolt. Will jueteng once more bring about national disgust? Will jueteng prove again that some people can be fooled sometime—but not all the people all the time?

Jueteng has become a veritable social cancer. It destroys the value of sweat and toil, fomenting indolence and dependence on luck. It regularly sucks in billions, spitting out but some change regularly, too.

Corrupt and corrupting—this is jueteng that disturbs no less than the house and the senate, that renders suspect even the highest executive office. Vicious and insidious—this is jueteng that is once again causing disgust and distrust in the country.

It is time to put period to the history of jueteng in the country. The people have enough crosses to bear. The authorities have their hands full of social ills to resolve. Get jueteng out of the way—now!

18 May 2005