Monday, May 09, 2005


Media Practitioners: Beware! Your lives are in danger. Your families could lose you. The truth now kills when you broadcast, show or write this. The country is now becoming more and more fatal to your profession.

By preaching the truth, Christ Himself was killed. Had He simply watched, kept quiet, remained silent, then He would have lived a long life. But truth matters. It is affirms sound human values and promotes right societal living. It is what gives strength to the helpless, courage to the timid, direction to cause oriented people.

Rizal wrote the truth about abuses against Filipinos. He was killed. Ninoy spoke the truth about cruelty of the Martial Law regime in the country. He was killed. As a matter of record, when persons either from the right or the left dare to speak the truth against the purveyors of corruption and deceipt, many of them are killed too.

The Philippines is now internationally considered as a dangerous place for truth. And this is but a consequence of the judgment that the Philippines won the title as the second most corrupt country in the world.

This is why more and more media practitioners who proclaim the truth are killed. They are unceremoniously executed irrespective of time and place. They have become the fatal targets of individuals whose graft they expose, whose errant and erratic agenda they reveal to the public.

Official condemnations are not wanting. Official investigations are many. Nevertheless, the truth remains unvindicated, justice stays illusive. Meantime, the killers remain free, the killings of truthful media persons continues unabated.

Killing media persons and silencing media are the agenda of crooks in public offices and the goal of the goons in private enterprises. These are dangerous characters, fatal enemies, amoral individuals.

It is said that media in the country is not only free but the freest even. Now, This is fast becoming false. Murdering media people is certainly anything but a proof of media freedom.

8 May 2005