Sunday, April 03, 2005

pope john paul ll

He is a gift.

His life is a blessing. His Papacy is a grace. His death is our sorrow but heaven’s rejoicing.

God gave him to the Church that loved him. He gave himself to humanity that needed him. God took him back to His Kingdom where he rightfully belongs.

He served well. He suffered much. He died in peace. His life is ended. His spirit lives on.

He is bigger than life.

He is gone but lives on in the minds and hearts of people. He left but continues to be present in the Church and in the world with his teachings and examples.

The Church became alive with his life. The world was his pulpit. Humanity was his love.

Global was his attention and concern. With humankind he felt pain and experienced fear. With the youth he hoped and rejoiced.


You did your task. You accomplished your mission. Go in peace.

You were the Pope of the people. You were a citizen of the world. You are the joy of the Church. You are the pride of humanity.

Godspeed. So long for the moment. Till we meet again in God’s own time.

Thank you for the visit.

Your Son in Christ,
April 3, 2005