Monday, April 11, 2005

just asking

Why has the now famous AFP CD pointed at so many enemies of the State? How come practically all known organizations and movements in the country are now considered communist fronts? What has the CBCP done to be branded a dangerous foe of the State?

Is this why so many media practitioners are being killed? Is this why numerous political dissenters have disappeared? Is this why human rights advocates are “marked” people? Is this why even Church people are now targets of violence?

Is it because there are instead some people in the government who are the real enemies of the State? Could it be that there are certain personalities in the different agencies of the government who are rather the composite enemy of the State? Is it because there are many government officials who are in effect perceived the enemies of the people?

Is that why the country has been identified as the second most corrupt nation in the world? Is that why the national leadership itself recently received the lowest approval rating? Is that why millions of Filipinos are now living below the poverty line?

Is that why there are more and more rallies and marches in the streets? Is this why there is more discontent in the country, more manifestations of dissent? Is this why more and more policemen and military personnel being deployed to protect people in power, to safeguard government interests?

Must the government be always right and its citizens always wrong? Have authority and power become the instruments of self-service instead of looking after public welfare? Do elected public officials now attend to their personal good instead of promoting the common interests of those who elected them?

What happened to the truth that the government is of the people, by the people and for the people? What happened to the wise saying that those who have less in life should have more in law? Are people once more asking “What is happening to our country?”

11 April 2005