Tuesday, April 12, 2005

greedy and gross

Proposition: Gambling via cellular phones. Proponent: PAGCOR. Target: Money of everybody irrespective of age and status, time and place, race and color.

This appears to be what PAGCOR really is: greedy and gross. Greed is what makes it tick. Gross is how it tickles people to gamble their money away.

It is proud of loudly proclaiming its multi-billion gambling revenues. Now it seems resolved to grab more gambling money with utter disregard for social ethics, family sensitivity and sound value system.

It then appears that the primary and ultimate concern of PAGCOR is one and the same thing: money.

PAGCOR seems to be intent adopting any possible means to induce anybody and everybody to gamble. Never mind who loses money, how much money is lost. It does not matter who suffer for the loses, who are victimized by the losers. It makes no difference who become gambling addicts, who become corrupt because of the vice of gambling.

What matters for PAGCOR seems to get money and more money. Everything else would be then irrelevant, immaterial, indifferent.

First, there was the casino by the Manila Bay. Then there are the casinos here and there. Afterwards came the armed bandits in this and that place. Now gambling via the cellular phones—courtesy of PAGCOR.

When and where will PAGCOR stop in its desire and design to make this country a gambling republic? What would stop its feverish drive to make more and more money from more and more gullible gamblers?

A big silence and cold indifference-—these are what come from a national leadership that professes faith and morals, that claims its tenure of office had the blessing of the then highest authority in the church!

+O.V. Cruz, D.D.
12 April 2005