Tuesday, March 08, 2005

women's month 2005

Womanhood as the repository of the human womb is the vehicle of human life. That is why contrary to those who claim the contrary, the Church holds women in high respect and considers motherhood as a sublime status.

Even Churchmen have mothers they honor, love and admire. The Church has a distinct place of affection and veneration for the Blessed Mother. The People of God is even called “Holy Mother Church”.

In fact, even the secular world has a special place for motherhood. That is why we have our universal “Mother Earth” and “Mother Nature”, and national “Motherland”.

Thus it is that the Church and the secular world are one in their respect for the dignity of women. In the same way, they are united in their affirmation of motherhood.

It is wherefore strange that when the Church is pro-life, there are those who prefer to be against it. In the same way, while the Church is pro-motherhood, there are those who do not favor it.

The Church never teaches that women could be irresponsible in making themselves mothers. They have but to follow the nature of their womanhood and therefore abstain from anti-natural means against their motherhood. The same goes true for man regarding their potentials for fatherhood. Irresponsible parenthood is not an attribute of humanhood.

Nature is a very sensitive mother. Violate her and she reacts accordingly. Womanhood is also a critical reality. Offend it in its natural functions and it curls in pain or in shame.

Women should be careful about pronouncements and proposals which in words appear flattering but in reality are anti-womanhood, anti-motherhood.

All should be attentive when they are only told of their rights while no mention of their obligations is made. This is not the way of the wise, the honest , the responsible.

8 March 2005