Friday, March 04, 2005

sabong goes internet

PAGCOR does it again!

Sabong is now an official corporate form of gambling. It has gone internet. And betting on fighting cocks also goes internet. This is progress—the wrong way!

The greed of money is now promoted more extensively. The creation of gambling addicts goes public. Gambling is made accessible to Mang Tomas, Aling Nene and Totoy.

PAGCOR appears to be bent on making gambling the prime industry of the country. Never mind the need of sweat and toil for decent living. Away with sound social values and moral principles. Make the quest for money through gambling the supreme law of the land.

PAGCOR is said to be managed by intelligent and sensible people. But why does it seem to be deaf, dumb and blind. Does it not hear the protests of decent people against the establishment of its casinos in their communities? Does it not understand the significance and implications of gambling addiction? Does it not see the misfortune, the vice of gambling brings to individuals and their families?

First it has casinos in one place after another. Thereafter it was slot machines here and there. Now it is cockfight betting on the internet. What is next?

It is practically a certainty that people have not yet seen the end of the proliferation of gambling in the country—courtesy of congress that extended the life of the Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation. Now it is certain that those now behind PAGCOR and its franchise extension will all be dead and still institutionalized gambling merrily lives on to sow more socio-moral liabilities in the country—“legally”.

No gambling corporation and no gambler for that matter may rightfully say that they “earn” the money they get from bettors. One really earns something by hard work, decent employment, honest profession and the like. And gambling does not even come close to any of these standard ways of making clean money.

No republic can be strong when gambling is its prime commodity and gambling addition is its expertise.

4 March 2005