Sunday, March 13, 2005

PAGCOR in trouble

PAGCOR appears to be in one big trouble after another. Could the saying be hereto relevant that as the wicked never rest neither are they allowed to rest?

There are communities who vehemently drive it away. There are people who are ashamed of it. There are those who distrust it. These are the constants. And these are not all there is.

Now, the legality of its operational existence is being questioned. It was just called a “virtual mafia organization”. There are even graft charges filed against its management. And the end of the dark and darkening tunnel appears to be far from sight.

Something must be wrong with gambling. How come people find it hard to trust gamblers? Why is gambling something gamblers themselves are not proud of? Why are cheating, indolence and vice associated with gambling?

While illegal syndicated gambling is continuously denounced, legalized corporate gambling is repeatedly assailed. There must be fundamental reasons behind these serial events.

The promotion of the mentality of chance, the production of gambling addicts, the craving for the money of others, these seem to be some of the common denominators of both illegal and official gambling. The dissemination of a skewed value system, the destruction of industry and cultivation of indolence plus the inculcation of vice, these appear to be some other commonalities of either private or government gambling.

The difference between illegal and legalized gambling is said to be but piece of paper: the former has hidden “papelitos” while the other has openly waived “presidential decrees”. In substance, both remain gambling and gambling cannot be a source of social pride.

If crime does not pay, neither does gambling. At the end of the day, gamblers lose, gamblers go. This is the misfortune of gamblers, the destiny of the gambling operators.

13 March 2005