Wednesday, March 02, 2005


The Philippine Congress is promoting the euphemism of “reproductive health” and the myth of “population control.”

In truth, “reproductive health” really says do not get pregnant by all means, at any cost. Never mind about one’s physical well being when taking harmful contraceptive pills. Never mind morals in sexual relationships. Never mind the means provided the end of non-pregnancy is achieved. In other world, “reproductive health” reads precisely the opposite: be healthy, do not reproduce!

On the other hand, population control teaches that the less people there are in the country, the more rich they become. Filipinos should love sex but must hate children. If they multiply, they become miserable. To be happy, avoid pregnancy. People can all be hedonistic but never reproductive. The fewer children to have, the more money to count. In other words, “population control” means away with children, away with parenthood, away with people!

“Reproductive health” is a big lie whereas it says one thing and means exactly the opposite and “population control” is a big myth because genuine demographers have proven the falsity of the Malthusian doctrine—again and again and again.

The trouble with the above euphemism and myth is threefold. Fact one: there are well populated countries that are well developed, just as there are least populated nations that are much underdeveloped. Fact two: there are families with many children that are well to do, in the same way that there are couples with but one or two children but remain very poor. Fact three: the promoters and legislators who support the population bill are already born and alive and well—good things they conveniently want to deny to those yet unborn.

The issue of population explosion is anachronistic. The world now is talking about population implosion--the new demography—-that is sending shivers to economists and world leaders helplessly watching the irreversibility of a shrinking global population.

It seems that the country is not only suffering from a leadership crisis, a fiscal crisis, a moral crisis—-but a cerebral crisis as well.

2 March 2005