Monday, March 21, 2005

easter is hope

Humanity is lost when left to itself to live and act. To make plans and form decisions. Egoistic and selfish, short-sighted and far too ambitious, humanity ultimately hurts itself, divides its ranks, even kills parts of itself.

There is always war in one form or another. There is always hunger here and there. Dishonesty, animosity, disunity appear to be human historical constants.

Thus stands the prevalence of frustration, despair and pessimism even in our own country. This is the sad and pitiful reality when we live, think and acts as if there were no God who lives and cares, who guides and shows the way, teaches the truth, gives life.

Easter is a reminder that divinity is with humanity, an invitation for men and women to keep God in their minds and hearts, a message for us all to work with hope for a good present, for a better tomorrow.

That is why it is but right and proper to us to say to one another: HAPPY EASTER!

Easter 2005