Tuesday, March 08, 2005

contraception and abortion

Contraceptive mentality promotes abortion acceptability.

The more contraceptives are used, the more abortions are done. There is a direct relevance between the abundance of contraceptives and the frequencies of abortions. This is the experience of all countries successful in population control. Logic and statistics prove this fact.

To abhor the birth of children, to use contraceptives to avoid having children, to have unwanted pregnancies—this is the tripod of abortions. This is the launching pad of the murders of the unborn.

The proposition that contraceptives prevent abortions is a contradiction in fact. The opposite is the truth. Contraceptives are the constructs of abortion.

This is why the National Security Memorandum No. 200 of the U. S. Government is candid enough to mention contraceptives and abortion in one breath. Reason: the two options form but one composite whole. Those who conceived and composed the Memorandum were wise enough to know that one usually leads to the other: When contraceptives fail, abortion is the recourse. Contraception and abortion are not twins but they are very close siblings.

In this country, population is the popular whipping boy. The Filipinos are castigated for the woes of the nation. The truth:

a. Poverty is caused by economic mismanagement, not by population.
b. Criminality is the product of failure of law and order, not by the fault of population.
c. Pollution is the effect of poor environmental control, not by population.

Those advocating population control may have good intentions. Those proposing the ready and easy access to contraceptives could have honest motives. Intentions and motives however cannot overturn the truth, cannot argue against fact.

8 March 2005