Friday, March 04, 2005


The Hon. Congressman Lagman must be well convinced of his position regarding population control. He must have arguments in mind. And he wants to win people to his side. That is why he wants to have a public debate with an official church representative.

Personally, I would not take the challenge of the good Congressman. My reasons for this are rather practical.

First, no matter where and how long we debate, I cannot convince him to agree to my position as he can neither convince me to side with his stand. Meanwhile, both of us could in effect cause more division among the people.

Then, while he will argue in the realm of economy, I will speak in the sphere of morality. In other words, we would ultimately be arguing in difference frequencies. And the result is obvious: our minds would not equally meet.

Lastly, the teaching of the Church about family and life is not really hers. Rather it is founded on natural law. Natural family planning is one of the immediate conclusions.

It is not wise for man to go against natural law. The result is always the same. Nature strikes back at man. And whenever nature is violated, man loses.

The tinkering with the human reproductive system. The destruction of forests. The violation of the environment. All these and other anti-natural ventures are disastrous to humanity.

Finally, the Malthusian theory has been again and again scientifically disproven by serious and sincere demographers. Would that our legislators take time to look into this matter.

4 March 2005