Thursday, February 17, 2005


Terrorism is a most brutal form of violence. It respects no human value, no human right, no human life. Hatred of people, glee over death, love of vengeance are its operative features.

To kill and destroy. To bring havoc and to sow fright. To make people kneel and beg before them. These are but some of the insidious intents of terrorists.

Conscience is dysfunctional. Reason becomes unreasonable. Logic is non existent. It is for this fact that it is a big futility to discuss peace and harmony with terrorists. This is the living lesson of recent human history. This is the strong conclusion of countries made targets of terrorism.

That is why there is but one civilized answer to terrorism, one viable action not only to stop but to counter it. This but one reasonable and acceptable response to terrorism is self-defense.

Especially in the case of terrorism, the ethical stand of self-defense does not only mean a defensive position but also a proactive option. A merely defensive action could prevent terroristic assaults. But it is a proactive move that could ultimately extirpate terrorism per se.

Nevertheless, the resolve to put at end to terrorism should be pursued according to law and with respect to civilized living. Otherwise, the counter-terrorists could sadly become terrorists themselves. Even terrorism provides no excuse for disregard for human rights, for despising human life.

But it is certainly not enough to condemn it and thereafter do nothing about it. The more immobile a government is the better for terrorism to thrive and spread. Terrorism respects no man, no woman, no child--anywhere, anytime. That is why terrorists have no place in the civilized world which is precisely the target of their hatred and ire.

Terrorism is a big curse to humanity. Terrorists are misplaced individuals who belong anywhere but in today’s society.

17 February 2005