Friday, February 18, 2005


It is lamentable that the PNP Directorial Staff Chief Arturo Lumibao is the target of cheap destructive text messages. I myself received one that was sent to me by a media person who precisely questioned its origin.

The text even carried my name as its sender. It even said that the same poisonous message should be passed on to others.

Before God and conscience, I categorically and emphatically state that I was neither the author nor the sender of the shameful text.

I found the text message repugnant, cowardly and unchristian. It is pitiful that its sender indulged in such a deceit. He or she must have a dysfunctional conscience.

I have no cause to question the integrity of Director Lumibao. And much less have I any reason to malign his person.

When I fight my moral battles, this I do openly and clearly.

18 February 2005