Thursday, January 13, 2005

new disease

There seems to be another relatively new disease in the country today: pregnancy.

First, there was the “ligtas-tigdas”. Now there is the “ligtas-buntis 2005.”

What is supposed to be sacred such as human sexuality has now become a dangerous liability. What is to be treated with dignity such as human pregnancy is now considered a dirty disease.

When shall this country treat its citizens with respect and deference? When will it learn to make its people, its precious asset as they really are? When will it truly acknowledge that it is its population, as the OFWs, that keep it somehow economically afloat?

From all indications, Filipinos appear to be considered the enemies of the country, the scapegoats of poverty, the authors of calamities.

For these reasons, they must not be allowed to multiply by any and all conceivable means. Its women must not be allowed to become pregnant. And who knows, how many abortions have been in fact performed in the name of economic development and progress.

Why is China so much populated and also so fast emerging as a formidable economic tiger in the world? Why is Japan as another much populated Asian country that technically progressive and financially affluent?

This only goes to show that depending on how their leaders exercise governance, people are either well or miserable, either at peace or in discontent. Poor leadership never makes great countries.

People are either a curse of a blessing—depending on how they are led and governed.

+O.V. Cruz, DD
13 January 2005