Friday, January 07, 2005

demons of skepticism

Skeptics are not necessarily demonized. Demonization causes much worse things than mere skepticism. There is skepticism when half-truths are said, incredible claims are made, and unrealistic predictions are announced. Simple reason—not demons—can make people skeptics.

It is not healthy to see demons in all dark places, under all adverse circumstances. One demon is evil enough. To multiply and invoke demons all over the country is a dangerous ploy.

In the assumption that there are really not one but many “demons of skepticism,” this could be because there are big fat demons of corruptions, malversations, smuggling, gambling. Add hereto the dirty smelly demons of political patronage, misuse of public funds, selective justice—to mention few.

In the event wherefore that there are brand new evil spirits in the country called “demons of skepticism,” it would be well in order to have the above rather old “demons” exorcised first.

Faith and reason go hand-in-hand. Faith precedes reason in dignity and significance here and beyond. But human reason goes first when looking merely at natural situations, when evaluating simply socio-ethical realities. To see and to name the “demons’ of every sad phenomenon, of every pitiful circumstances is definitely neither the fruit of faith nor the product of reason. At best, it is the result of gullibility—if not hallucination.

The truth is that many so called modern “demons” are but human creations. The covetous and the avaricious, the hedonists and the insatiables make good multipliers of “demons” for others. To simply remove vicious, amoral and callous people from offices of power and influence is already to effectively “exorcise demons”.

If there are “demons of skepticism,” there should also be a litany of other “demons” in the country that give birth to them—a litany that would be too long to mention, too sad to recite.

+O.V. Cruz, DD
7 January 2005