Saturday, December 11, 2004

statement of grave concern

These are truly trying times for our dear country!

The economy is down. Unemployment is up. Poverty is wherefore becoming more pervasive and intensive. And with such a bad present, it is difficult to foresee a bright future. While the situation is not hopeless, neither is it that hopeful.

Prohibited drugs are abundant. Criminality is on the rise. Unrest is felt by the wage earners. Desperation is shown by the unemployed. Rebel groups multiplying in number and increase in their territorial coverages. People are suffering and their government seems hapless.

And there is now the ominous all-out war in Mindanao.

Innocent men, women and children lose their lives or limbs. The bombs explode to hurt or kill the rebels and good citizens as well. Many homes are destroyed. Many farms are abandoned. Natives and foreigners are held captives. A good number of them are tortured if not beheaded, burned or even simply thrown away. While the living is not spared, the dead is neither respected. Even a young priest was murdered after having been tortured.

The Philippine situation is alarming, saddening, threatening. Our Asian neighbors are disturbed by our “explosive” situation. The international community, the USA in particular, is apprehensive. Local capital is in flight. Foreign capital is going or simply not coming. Market is stagnant. Business is inactive.

Will somebody please say who is winning in our local war with infallibly negative foreign implications? Will someone kindly point out what are the benefits of Filipinos at war with themselves? Will anyone be truthful enough to point out who in the last analysis really wins in any way—if not the weapons industry?

Only those pretending to be blind, deaf and/or dumb can afford to be at ease and in peace with the now obtaining national situation.

5 May 2000