Friday, December 10, 2004

same sex marriage

It seems that as some people become more “modern”, the more they retrogress in their thoughts, pretences and options. It should be the opposite: With the advance of science and technology, they should become saner and wiser. But, what the world witnesses is exactly the opposite. When ignorance was vanquished, fantasy came to fore. When there was sufficient education and even high learning, there came about wishful thinking and the foolish so called “alternative lifestyle” — which precisely does not bring about life. This is exactly the pitiful case of the paradoxical and contradictory idea of “Same Sex Marriage”.

The objective and standing truth is this: When two individuals of the same gender are allowed to enter into “marriage”, sad to say, this can be anything but marriage as defined and established by nature long before those who wish to change it. This “couple” can contract “marriage” before a hundred and one civil magistrates, before a thousand or more “Ministers of the Gospel”. But what they entered into can be anything but marriage in reality and truth. Doing the futile does not make the real. While ethically unacceptable and morally vain, two individuals of the same sex can stay and live together and even together die — but marry they may not. Marriage is heterosexual in nature, in attributes and consequent purposes. This truth in the order of nature does not yield to any and all contrary claims and propositions, practices and legislations even.

There are three complementary realities in a marital covenant that are all and altogether irrelevant to a “Same Sex Marriage”: Consummation. Procreation. Parenthood. While two persons of the same sex can make semblances of all the said three actuality, they however cannot make anyone thereof a reality.

Nobody, not even the most convinced and confirmed homosexual can deny that he or she himself is the product of the carnal union of heterosexual parents, regardless of whether he or she was born within or outside of marriage — unless he or she is a clone, a duplicate of some one for which he or she is the worst for it.

10 August 2003