Sunday, December 05, 2004


There seems to be a certain restlessness among the people when informed of the disturbing moves to change the fundamental law of the land for non-convincing reasons. Nay, for suspicious motives. The reason for this national sensitivity is but a product of the past dictatorial regime.

The people are made more restless by what they now perceive as blatant political patronages, dangerous attempts at curtailing basic human freedoms, incredibility of government. Add hereto the emerging excess of the national leadership, and the winds of dissent are gradually but surely coming.

Purely imagined, simply perceived or believed—the fact remains that the people are becoming more and more restless, reasonable, justified, realistic or altogether otherwise. The fact remains that there is concordance in discordance, viz., there is agreement among the people to disagree with the way governance is being exercised in their country.

One thought about the country: the Philippines belong to the Filipinos, not to the government. The nation is the concern of the people, not only of the national leadership. Governments and those running it come and go. It is the Philippines as a nation that remains. It is the Filipinos as a people who stay. Hence, these are the masters and those in government are but their servants.

The warning signals are up. A restless people are prone to act as a people if their discontent is increased instead of being duly appeased.

The time has thus come to clearly and loudly call for some sobriety and some more patience, for some prudence and some more forbearance. There is still hope for a change of heart in the present governance.

26 July 1999