Tuesday, December 07, 2004

reality check

There are truths in the sphere of grace, and there are facts in the order of nature that remain and stay the same in the course of time, notwithstanding any and all attempts of some men and women to act and want the contrary—despite all legislative bills proposing the opposite. But it is consoling to know and to remember that even if such anti-grace and/or anti-nature bills become laws of the land, the truths they deny and the facts they reject remain truths and facts—even after the legislators who proposed and who approved them have long passed away, have long returned to dust wherefrom they came.

Thus: Divorce is irrelevant to a marriage that is valid before the imperative of nature and the forum of grace.

Thus: Marriage between a couple of the same sex can be anything at all but marriage as established by nature and affirmed by grace.

Thus: Abortion even in euphemistic “special cases” is but special murders as understood by nature and perceived by grace.

Thus: Population control through any artificial means is simply population manipulation for hedonistic or profitable or commercial purposes in the eyes of nature and in the face of grace.

Thus: Death penalty is but an arrogant usurpation of the law of nature and the norm of grace on the part of the government, the prison officials and executioners.

If there is one thing that not only stabilizes humanity, the world and the nations, but also inspires the righteous and encourages the weak, this is the always good and always relevant truths in the sphere of grace and the facts in the order of nature.

Men and women in the course of time may design to change such truths, may wish to reverse such facts. But in vain do they ultimately labor. Their mortality is no match with the immortality of such truths and facts.

10 October 1999