Friday, December 10, 2004

probe team

The PROBE TEAM has been long known for its probity. It investigates. It inquires. It checks. And only when certain that it has the “goods”, it does what it is supposed to do, viz., air its findings.

It is unwelcome by those who have something ugly to hide. It is met not with few dangers in its pursuit of truth. It is certainly not given easy access to incriminating public documents and official papers. The PROBE TEAM stands for a cause, not for business. It promotes public interest and common good, not self-interest nor private benefit.

And this is why the PROBE TEAM has survived through the years. It has its own niche of viewership. Its only strength is truth. Its only intention is to inform. Its only reward is the realization of its cause.

These are sad days for the PROBE TEAM and questioning times for GMA 7. The Team is known for its search for and its telling the truth. The Station was known for its independence and objectivity. Now, the TEAM continues to stand tall, while the Station continues to make explanations, to proffer justifications one after another.

When GMA 7 allowed itself to be gagged though but once, its next gagging is already in line. There is always that first lie told by someone who becomes an incorrigible liar. And telling a lie is certainly not simply saying falsehood but also hiding the truth. Would that GMA 7 does not degenerate into a customary liar in the media world.

It is good to remember that the very first thing that Martial Law did in the Country was to silence media. The printing machines stopped rolling. The broadcast stations were muted. The TV outlets were unplugged.

If GMA 7 would not succeed in convincing the PROBE TEAM that it did not engage in censorship, that it did not succumb to PAGCOR high handed tactics, then GMA 7 loses in this issue. PROBE TEAM might withdraw in pain to assess its strength. GMA 7 would urgently try to recover its lost prestige. Meantime, PAGCOR is at peace.

26 September 2003