Wednesday, December 15, 2004

pro-filipino charter

The fundamental law of the Philippines cannot but be also fundamentally Filipino. A pro-foreigner constitution for a local country is a base contradiction in terms, a flagrant violation of native interests and a gross negation of a people’s aspiration.

During that signal day, proudly and loudly we were told: “walang tutulong sa Pilipino kundi kapwa Pilipino!” And there was lasting public applause. There were then a lot of jumping and rejoicing by the young and the old alike who heard it clearly and loved it dearly.

But now, barely some months later, not only is that theme unsaid. Its direct opposite is now being forwarded by the national leadership. Has it suddenly found out that the Filipinos are a hopeless people, a self-destructing race? Has it easily concluded that the Filipino people should be saved from themselves by foreigners? Has it wherefore now resolved to draw an anti-Filipino and pro-foreigner constitution for the country?

Filipino national sovereignty and territorial integrity, supremacy of Filipino national interests and of the right to self-determination are but immediate consequences of a pro-Filipino Charter. Foreign control of commerce, trade and industry are squarely incompatible with sound Filipino nationalism as expressed in the said national features.

The prolonged, pervasive and continuous poverty in and consequent underdevelopment of the Philippines is definitely not because of a pro-Filipino Charter.

But rather, the unresolved insurgency in the country has long since been draining the resources, laying to waste a good part of the country, and driving even local investors away.

Also, the uncontrolled graft and corruption in government, bigger yearly national budget deficits have contributed nothing significant in improving the national life.

Overdone partisan politics destroy what have been built and abandon what have been well started.

20 August 1999