Monday, December 20, 2004

power and authority

There are many light lighted and many songs sung. There is rejoicing in the homes and in the communities. There are many people in many places.

But lest we miss the reason for the Christmas season, let it be said clearly and plainly that what we are commemorating is this: God became man in Christ Jesus. This is the essence of Christmas: divinity is united with humanity through our Lord Jesus Christ!

That is why every human person, the young and the old, the poor and the wealthy, the ignorant and the learned—everyone of them without exception—has an inherent human dignity, has basic human rights.

This is why the Church has always upheld the rights of people against government oppression, against political exploitation against public harassment. All government authorities, all political offices, all public officials are only so because people only lend them the power that belong to themselves. That is why they can and may take back that power. All civil power come from God through the people he created to his own image.

That is why it is rightfully said that the government is of the people, the government is by the people and the government is for the people.

And that is why it is fundamentally wrong to think that the people are of the government. The people are by the government, the people are for the government. And that is also why when people accept these gross errors, they are always depressed and oppressed. They always are wanting and poor.

Our country is as good only as we make it so. And our nation is as poor and miserable only as we allow it to be so. Our leaders too are as good or as bad only if we make them so.

OVCruz, DD
December 20, 2004