Saturday, December 11, 2004

positive action

There is a disturbing amount of huge graft and unconscionable corruption in practically all the branches and departments of the government. The fact alone that no less than the President makes repeated resolve to free the nation from such detestable and shameful practices is already a loud and clear admission of their ingrained and pervasive existence in country. There is also the added fact that even foreign entities have been making frequent reference to such readily noticeable degree of graft and corruption in the country.

The more tangible result of too much public funds going into the wrong hands and deep pockets of fat government functionaries instead of promoting the common good is the poverty of the common tao. Graft and corruption in the government are the primary causes of the lack of work, public demonstrations of discontent, prevalence of malnutrition and sickness especially among children, among many other social liabilities.

And therefrom emerges a most pathetic reality: the country has the distinction of having the longer list of capital punishments in the world! Moreover, the Philippines has also the biggest number of convicts sentenced to death penalty compared to other countries the world over still keeping the death penalty law.
Have we Filipinos become that dangerous? Are we that criminally oriented? Is it no less the threat of death penalty than can keep us from hurting and even killing one another?

No! This is not acceptable.

The seat of power and authority in the country must do and can do something positive in remedial counter-action to such a negative perception of the Philippines.

First: Reform our law enforcement, justice and penal system.
Second: Get rid of drugs, pornography and gang cultures.
Third: Provide work, education and health programs.

10 February 1999