Sunday, December 05, 2004


Decent people all over the nation are very much concerned with the proliferation of pornography in movies, magazines, comics even included. The producers are capitalists who are bankrupt of better ideas to make an honest living. The motive is greed at any cost. The effects are pollution of the mind, exploitation of women, promotion of rapes and everything else that is carnal in interest and sexual in action—no different from those in the animal kingdom, without conscience, without regret.

And no one as the young or the old, no place as in the streets and homes, are safe from the present pornographic invasion. It seems to go with the wind, with the air. They are found in the market places, in school grounds, church easements as well. They are sold by stores and newsboys. They are shown in the movie houses and in television sets.

Unchecked by the government and untouched by the police force, pornographic publishers are raking in their dirty profits. Young minds are being fed with garbage. Women are undergoing fast degradation. Sex crimes have become more in number and atrocity.

Is protection from public liabilities such as pornography and promotion of sound values such as wholesome plan, programs and projects no longer part of governance? Is doing away with items harmful to public morals and destructive of the common welfare no longer a part of police work? If so, why do people still pay their government officials and police authorities with their hard earned money through direct and indirect taxes?

To say that pornography is only for those who want it, is a wild posture, a bankrupt stand. It follows that murder, rape, theft and other anti-social acts are also only for those who want it. There is the proverbial absence of rhyme and reason in such an absurd thinking.

All people of good will should in unison urge public authority to uproot the social malady of pornography from Philippine society. The social costs of pornography are big and lasting.

30 July 1999