Saturday, December 11, 2004

poor vs. rich

God bless us when we help the poor. The poor are the dear ones of God. Charitable institutions for the poor are the pride of the nation. The poor we shall have among us—always. That is why pro-poor people and entities should be among us too—always.

But it is gross ethical abuse to use the poor, to exploit the poverty of people in furtherance of one’s own interest and gain. It is unconscionable to manipulate their hopes, play with their aspirations only to satiate the self-interest of certain personalities, such as to advance their dubious political ambitions.

It is even worse for manipulative and callous individuals to instigate the poor against the rich. This tactical move has already been used and abused by many ideologues to their own ultimate downfall when they themselves became rich.

Not all wealth is ill-gotten. Not all rich people are bad citizens. Precisely, just as the poor need the rich to help them in their need, the rich too need the poor to make them realize their blessing and their opportunity to reach out to those who have much less.

To deliberately and decidedly sow hatred between the rich and the poor is to foment the infamously called and known “class struggle”. This is a very dangerous ploy. There were people who already engaged in this explosive game. They lost. They disappeared. They left infamous images.

Heaven help us if the now being instigated fight between the rich and the poor become a living reality in our country! And woe to the principal mover of this political ploy if the said agent is not poor by any standard, if those behind him are precisely wallowing in questionable wealth. Hereto applies the proverbial story of the mouse foolishly riding the lion that swallowed it whole.

The nation is already down on its knees for ill-governance. Resorting to the call for class struggle to divert people’s attention is courting disaster.

27 October 2000