Monday, December 06, 2004

poor filipino!

One can simply wonder why the majority in the legislative branch of our government seems to be bent in making laws that ultimately militate against the Filipino welfare. Elected by the majority of the Filipino people, the said legislators precisely manage every now and then to make legal provisions that are anti-Filipino in nature and consequence.

The oil deregulation law was passed allegedly to entice more oil companies to the country, to make local oil business more competitive, to benefit the Filipino with lower oil prices.

The proponents of the law won. The Filipinos lost.

Oil prices repeatedly became higher, not lower. The Filipinos gradually paid more for it, not less. The prime commodities become more expensive, not cheaper. The take home pay of the employees and workers remains the same, but buys less. The peso is still a peso but has lesser purchasing power.

But the wonder of wonders is that the legislators remain silent, unmoved and unimpressed. The law they enacted proved to be a dismal failure. They make the people, who elected them, suffer much. But to this writing, there is but one lonely voice advocating an innovative approach to oil purchase and sale. But alone it remains.

Why are the same majority of legislators who were proven altogether wrong in passing the oil deregulation law, do absolutely nothing to amend or even repeal the damaging legislation they passed? There must be something terribly wrong with their posture of marked indifference. It is true that the big oil companies in the country have something to do not only with the passage of the law but also to ascertain such legislative indifference? One thing is certain: the biggest beneficiaries of the law are clearly the multinational oil companies in the country. Poor Filipino!

3 September 1999