Friday, December 10, 2004

politicizing everything

Recently a certain signal otherwise pacified realities, established truths have not been spared by Philippine politics. The underlying intention behind this disturbing and dangerous move by certain politicians specifically in the legislative branch of government is no longer to promote the common good but simply to cater to certain few interest groups whose agenda are squarely contrary to what reality is, to what the great majority of the Filipinos hold as unquestioned and unquestionable truths.

Morality is politicized.

The matter of what is right or wrong, the issue of what is virtue or vice, the question of what is legal and illegal, have been strangely made subject to politics. Ethical concerns have been relegated to partisan political interests and agenda.

Marriage is politicized.

Politico-temporal convenience wants to rule on who should stay together married, who would have the license to dissolve their marriage. It seems that the infamous battle cry “For the sake of art!” has now found a complementary maxim in terms of “For the sake of politics!”.

Prayer is politicized.

The recent disuniting public prayer said by a national leader supposedly for national unity is the height of political shamelessness. What is sacred cedes to political interests. Even God is invoked for political motives. Thus it was that the recent prayer rally pitifully turned into a big political rally.

Before many politicians in the Country, anything and everything is a matter of what is politically expedient and fruitful. Thus it is that for certain politicians there is only the here and the now — the hereafter and beyond are considered either veritably irrelevant if not absolutely non-existent. This is the root of the danger: The moment man makes himself his own rule, then he is infallibly destined to his own ruin.

16 September 2003