Saturday, December 11, 2004


Plagues are dangerous conditions that do not only destroy the present but also threaten the future of a community, a country. This is the distinct evil that plagues bring. And the more the plagues, the greater are the dangers that automatically accompany them.

To date, there are no less than three serious plagues sadly affecting Philippine society and thus pitifully bringing much suffering and pain to a great number of Filipinos.

These are prohibited drugs, pornography, and alcoholism.

The government should be commended for somehow waging a more serious and sustained drive against prohibited drugs. But while drug lords are being apprehended, it still remains to be seen if the police authority and the justice system can have them convicted and have them kept behind bars, under lock and key.

But merely the minimum is being done by the government against pornography. The pervasive violations of women and frequent rapes of girls do not happen by themselves. Pornographic films, magazines and pictures cannot but have big relevance in such crimes.

And alcoholism is practically left alone unattended, unchecked, unbridled. There is the proliferation of beer gardens where everything else happen more than just drinking beer. The frequent and sleazy advertisements of liquors with the hypocritical caution of not gulping too much thereof. And there are also the so called pub houses whose specialties are everything and anything except keeping their customers sober.

And when those holding public offices use women and indulge in alcohol, it is hard even but to simply imagine that they do not commit graft and yield to corruption. Any vice is expensive to maintain.

Development, peace and order will be hard to come by with such social plagues affecting the country.

12 March 1999