Sunday, December 12, 2004

people waiting

The malignant fact and painful truth now sadly obtaining in the Country these days can be candidly summed up in the following phrase: While politicians are at partisan war with one another, the people have to wait.

Who gets more or less benefits. Who wins more or less followers. Whose interests are more or less served. These and other selfish concerns now consume the time and effort of politicians. Their public offices are now made to serve their private agenda. Their official privileges are being used to promote their personal intentions.

Meantime: The poor have to wait.

The poor people have to wait for a little more food on their tables, for some more money in their pockets, for a better future for their children. Their representatives in government are fervently engaged in fighting one another, in telling one another who are better than the rest.

Meantime: The common tao have to wait.

The ordinary men and women have to wait for employment, for safety in the streets they walk on, for peace in the communities they live in. Their senators and congressmen are talking to each other, shouting at each other, debating with one another.

Meantime: The plain citizens have to wait.

The children, the youth and the adult all have to wait for the improvement of a sagging economy, for a less corrupt and more honest public service, for peace in and the stability of the Country. Their government is busy with itself, distributing the spoils of public offices, fighting over who get more lucrative positions.

No wonder wherefore that those who are tired of waiting and who are no longer willing to wait more, are going to the streets, are leaving the Country even for nowhere just to be somewhere else. Or worse, they defy the laws of the land, they carry weapons, they want to take over the government. These are dangerous times.

17 September 2003