Sunday, December 12, 2004

open letter to my fellow elders

Once again, our country is passing through critical times. We are once more being tested as a people. Shall we respond well to these challenging days, and therefrom emerge as a better and stronger nation? Or shall we instead remain passive and indifferent as usual, and thereby become a permanently damaged people?

The holder of the highest public office in the land appears sadly much eroded in his competence and credibility. Truth to say, the person presently occupying the office is having great difficulty in claiming moral ascendancy, and thus fails to inspire public trust.

Our economy is going from bad to worse. Both the stock and public markets are full of uncertainty and gloom. Our country is becoming progressively unstable. And our government is certainly not contributing in settling our doubts, in answering our common question regarding our pitiful socio-economic situation.

But then, we too must admit that we have much to do for this unsettling national situation—precisely by doing nothing. Yes, we talk, we complain, we criticize. But what action have we done as our remedial response to our national crisis according to our personal competence and national capability?

Could it be that we were in fact unconscious accomplices for the present social ills affecting our dear country? Could we have been ourselves participants in dirty politics either by actively taking part in electing undeserving public leaders or by passively looking at election anomalies? Could we ourselves have engaged in dishonest business transactions, corrupt financial agenda?

We are not helpless. We are not hopeless. Each one of us in our little ways and means can and should make our community better, our society safer, our country more promising. We owe this to our own children, to the Filipino generations yet to come. Hopefully when the youth of today inherit the land, they will find this less depressing and oppressing.

30 October 2000