Sunday, December 12, 2004

open letter to children

These are hard times for our nation. You are so young and so innocent. But sad to say, you are not spared of the difficulties in your country that are caused by and large by us, your own elders.

It has become hard for your parents to buy the food you want, the clothes you need, the things you ask for. It has become ever more difficult for them to continue sending you to school, paying for your books, giving your daily “baon”. This is because our country is in a big financial trouble. There is less work available. There is little money on hand and so costly things to buy or pay for.

It is also becoming more difficult for your parents to keep you safe—to keep you safe from bad people, from bad TV programs, from bad examples.

This is because in addition to poverty, our country is now suffering from much criminality and big immorality. That is why there is less trust among people, less serenity in our neighborhoods.

But do not worry that much. We your elders made the mess. And we too have to clean it up sooner than later. But there are certain things you can and have to do: First, please do not ask your parents for more money because they have barely enough to spend for the needs of your whole family. Second, kindly keep and use well your things, saving the little money you have whenever possible. Third, but most important of all, obey your parents when they tell you what to do and what not to do, please!

There is much you can do to console, inspire and strengthen your parents: love your brothers and sisters. Do whatever little things you can do to clean the house. And ask you parents what you can in turn do for them.

Study your lessons and do your homework. There are so many children whose parents can no longer afford to send them to school. Yet, do not take life too seriously. Play every now and then. And laugh as often as you like. You are children and childish you should be. Right?
28 October 2000