Monday, December 13, 2004

national liability

Amorality: This was the then obtaining distinct sad and saddening reality obtaining in the Country in its recent past. It became a serious national liability that brought great ethical havoc to society. It was a historical shameful phenomenon whose open and public display ate up the moral fiber of the public in general, the youth in particular.

Amorality simply means the dire absence of the sense of right and wrong, the irrelevance of the distinction between virtue and vice. It is the symptom of a dysfunctional conscience which makes one not much more than an irrational animal. A creature of this kind does not act according to the dictates of reason but the drive of instinct. The rational is overtaken by mere impulse moves that recognize no limits.

For an amoral personality, the fundamental as well as ultimate measure of what is right or wrong, what is good or bad, is simply and purely what the individual likes or dislikes. His main norm of action is his own personal pleasure and individual self-gratification. His ego, libido plus possibilities make up the composite norm of his action and reactions.

A personality of this kind is a big liability to his own family, a moral danger to his community, an ethical threat to society. The more responsible office is given to an individual of this kind, the more critical role he dares assume in society, the greater liability, danger and threat he becomes to others within their reach, under his authority and influence.

Open and manifold adultery and concubinage, public fornication and known mistresses, siring children from identified and unidentified women, and the consequent blatant corruption that went therewith—this is the height of amorality. And the result was predictable: The once occupant of the highest Office in the land precisely landed in the lowest esteem of the people—in jail, alone and lonely, disdained and ridiculed. Would that this serve as a big lesson to all national leaders now in Office and in power.

6 October 2003