Friday, December 10, 2004

muzzling media

Media and truth are cognates. The former without the latter vanity. One with the other is power and authority. Together, they constitute a proof of democracy and an assurance of societal freedom.

When media allows itself to be muzzled by whoever or for whatever reason, two questions immediately come to mind. Who wants media silenced? Why do media allow themselves to be gagged? The answers to these questions will immediately reveal the power and weakness of media respectively. Those wanting to quiet media are afraid of the publicity of the truth media has at hand. Those media practitioners with a price are not crusaders but simply opportunists.

It would be good to note that the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of a democratic government are constitutionally separate, autonomous and independent. Media as the Fourth State participates of the same qualifying attributes. The fundamental reason for this arrangement and understanding is for the observance of checks and balances to prevent and correct abuses. Media is powerful. One who succeeds in silencing it must be more powerful. And this is dangerous and ominous for the Country, for freedom, for democracy.

Question: Who overpowered GMA 7 for the killing of the PROBE story on PAGCOR? What truths did the PROBE story carry that so frightened the PAGCOR management? If PAGCOR repeatedly and loudly claims that it is for public service and charity, why was it so nervous about what PROBE would expose about it?

Question: What made GMA 7 cave in to seriously consider and reconsider the showing of the PAGCOR story? Why the hesitation, the postponement and ultimate very reluctant showing of the story? Who exactly in the GMA 7 management made the media outlet acted as it did?

Question: Among PAGCOR, GMA 7 and PROBE, which gets the sympathy of the people? Will someone answer this question in all sincerity and truth? The choices: Gambling. Business. Truth.

24 September 2003