Tuesday, December 07, 2004

moral pollutants


There are many pollutants in the country. Hence there are also many polluted realities in our midst: Polluted air. Polluted water. Polluted rivers. Polluted soil. But worse than a polluted environment, there are also polluted minds, polluted hearts, polluted values and many other morally polluted human thinking and acting.

What now specifically come to mind are the pollutants spread all over the country by the Filipino film industry. This is not to deny its positive contribution especially in terms of some—though few and far between—good productions. Deserving of special mention is its contribution to the national economy and the livelihood it gives to a relatively good number of the common tao. It even gives entertainment to many poor people who seem to have no other recourse against hard times and sad realities than to see fantasy movies, watch funny films. They even draw some lessons therefrom at times.

And this positive contribution of the Filipino film industry constitutes the very reason why the industry should be protected from self-degradation by not allowing it to produce moral pollutants, promote base instinct, exhibit vicious acts—to the destruction of the sound values and ways precisely of those who patronize it.

Some films in the market today are a big shame to the industry, to all who make their money and who earn their livelihood with and through it. Those who produce and direct nothing less than dirty movies according to the standards of common decency, in effect seriously dishonor the industry, exploit actors and actresses, arise the animal instincts of their viewers.

Dirty, salacious or sleazy movies do not have their pursuant effect only to those who are numb, dumb, blind.

There are enough crimes in the country basically caused by immorality. We do not need more of them caused by immoral movies. Would that the public authority concerned act to protect the common good, the public mores.

7 October 1999