Friday, December 10, 2004

media war

A print media outlet recently came with a shrieking big bold headline: “Jueteng Comeback Triggers Media War”. This news item means that Jueteng was once gone but back it came. The same item also implies that there was jueteng payola that divided the media practitioners between those who sold themselves to the jueteng operators and those who refuse to betray their profession.

It is not wherefore true that jueteng corrupts only certain public officials and many police authorities — but also some media practitioners themselves. And this is true for the print, broadcast and video communication means. What a shame!

These are the disgraceful words used by that courageous newspaper: It likened those paid media people to “barking dogs” fighting fiercely over “red meat”. It is not really surprising that jueteng payola reaches the media profession. Jueteng capitalists will do anything and everything possible to promote and protect their lucrative racket. And they consider jueteng payolas as their irresistible force. For these smooth operators, money does not only talk but actually shouts, does not simply buy in reality destroys all those who have price tags on their persons and services. People for sale are real merchandise with their respective tag prices.

A case in point is the Province of Pangasinan. During the Estrada administration, it was well known that the Province was a truly bountiful source of jueteng collections and the generous source as well of jueteng payolas. And during the present dispensation which is in no way known as anti-jueteng, the thenembarrassing jueteng situation appears to be making a fast comeback.

Jueteng is exactly like a virulent plague. When left alone which the present government precisely does, the illegal numbers game can gradually become an unstoppable plague. And the present national situation is thereto leading. Hopefully, if the government does nothing significant to protect the citizens from the insidious illegal numbers game, these themselves continue taking upon themselves to counter the jueteng plague.

19 September 2003