Friday, December 10, 2004


Marriage is a stable and permanent union of a man and a woman whose conjugal acts normally lead to the birth of their children. This is the ontological nature and standard notion of marriage, irrespective of people’s race, color and creed. This is what marriage is, and what marriage is for, that precisely brought about the origin of humanity. It is rightfully said wherefore that marriage began with humanity, just as humanity began with marriage.

Marriage is such from the beginning. It preceded all presently existing Institutions and Governments, Organizations and Movements. The truth is that marriage as such even preceded the birth of Christ Himself, the foundation of the Church even.

Marriage wherefore is definitely not an invention of man but an institution of nature which was already defined reality when he came into the world. Nature it was that established marriage for man. It was certainly not man who invented marriage, much less instituted it.

It is wherefore downright vanity and futility to think that marriage is the product of a personal idea or of a public resolve. Marriage is neither the creation of any legislative act by any government, nor a design even of the Church. And the conclusion is obvious.

No one, no public Organization nor private Movement, no Government nor Church, may change the intrinsic nature of marriage, alter the inherent permanency and purpose thereof. Not that any of these cannot arrogate to itself the pretence of so doing. But then, any and all their efforts cannot and will not in reality make marriage something else that objectively it already is.

The big and clear lesson from the so called “modern times” is certain and certified: Those who attempt to fool around with what marriage really is, infallibly end the losers for so doing. Truth remains true notwithstanding all false claims to the contrary. The same is with marriage: It stays as it is in its objective reality and pursuant finality as definite by the natural order, notwithstanding all thoughts and actions thereto contrary.

10 August2003