Tuesday, December 21, 2004

just asking

Why are there so many people going to a wake, waiting long and lining up to have even but a fast glimpse of someone who passed away? Why do they keep coming from near and afar? Why is there so much anger and grief especially among the simple and poor?

Why is the event getting so much national and local media coverage? Why are there so many edifying anecdotes being told, so many happy memories being recalled? Why are so many old films being shown, many old songs being sung?

Why are there so much worry and apprehension among the now powerful and influential? Why is there a frantic damage control being done in terms of many proffered recognitions? Why are there so many police authorities being deployed, so many prohibitions being planned?

Why is it that the lady left behind suddenly became very courageous and openly defiant? Why is she now emerging as a symbol of truth and strength? Why are so many people listening to her and watching her moves?

Are these people convinced that they were cheated? Do these people feel that the government is not their own making? Will they gradually gather into a critical mass to effectively enforce a change?

Or will all these heightened awareness and vibrant aspirations eventually come to pass? Shall those strong feelings of resentment and loud accusations easily fade away? And would everything therefore remain exactly as it is now?

Will those in power ultimately succeed in suppressing this mounting social crisis? Shall they be able to really and permanently appease the people’s pain and resolve their doubts? And would there be thereafter more employment available and lower prices in the market, more integrity and less corruption in public offices?

Just asking.

+O.V.Cruz, DD
21 December 2004