Friday, December 10, 2004

jueteng plague

Why is Jueteng qualified as an illegal numbers game? Because it is against the law. But why is it against the Law? Because it is a racket that deceives numberless poor and ignorant people placing their hard earned money as bets while enriching those deceitful few capitalizing on it and manipulating it. How can it have become so extensive in its territorial coverage, continuous in its known regularity and even public in its operations? Because of the also extensive, continuous and known Jueteng payolas given by the “Jueteng Lords” to receptive key government officials and police authorities.

Jueteng dirty money is the dirty means whereby many local, regional and national public officials and police officers are made likewise dirty in their thinking and behavior. Jueteng payolas are dirt thrown at their faces that make them see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing.

The national leadership explicitly and continuously claims that it wants to clean the government of gross corruption in all its branches. Yet, it is strangely silent on the matter of the corruption brought about by Jueteng. Why?

The Senate continuously conducts public hearings to investigate corruption in government for purposes of legislation. The House of Representatives does the same. But why is it that no single credible law has been passed categorically against Jueteng when this is a most corrupt and corrupting illegal numbers game?

It is not good to be suspicious. It is bad to be judgemental. But then, those “Why?” are valid and begged to be answered.

Unlike the illegal drug industry, the kidnapping syndicate and other criminalities in the country, Jueteng usually does not keep deadly weapons, does not maintain downright killers. And though Jueteng capitalists keep paid goons, these are neither that dangerous nor criminally oriented. And yet, with all the police personnel in its payroll and with allthe arsenal at the latter’s command, Jueteng merrily goes on deceiving people, corrupting authorities, enriching its lords. Why?

12 September 2003