Friday, December 10, 2004

jueteng-free philippines

The infamous illegal numbers game called “Jueteng” is a truly nationwide racket. It is a syndicated shadowy group of the commonly known “Gambling Lords” that have their rapacious reach from the barangay to the national levels. It has its own communications systems and own structured “security” look-outs. Furthermore, it also has his own multi-layered “protectors” from the public authorities and the police officials.

Jueteng — and Masiao more specifically confined to the Mindanao Region — has become a formidable vice to such an extent that it is rightfully considered as a social cancer in the Country. And though clearly illegal, the legal persons charged to counter, to fight and neutralize Jueteng prove either incompetent or unwilling to do so — for thousands and even millions of “reasons”.

So all the above known and adverse reasons gave birth to the “KRUSADANG BAYANG LABAN SA JUETENG” for a “Jueteng Free Philippines.

It is a national reality with a national mission. It is a Crusade with now seventy Chapters all over the country. It is a non-stock, non-profit Corporation with but one fundamental composite objective: Fight Jueteng. Dissuade Jueteng Bettors. Go after Jueteng “Cobradores”, “Revisadores”, “Boladores” and “Lords.”

The Crusade knows what it is against, the enemies it is facing, the powers it is challenging. But the Crusade also knows it has the force of law, the might of truth, the authority of justice. It may not win all fights but it will neither give up the fight. It may not eradicate Jueteng all over the Country, but it will surely make a difference in the dirty profits of the vicious industry.

To those who say that extirpating Jueteng in the country is an “impossible dream”. The Crusade perfectly agrees with them — but only if they do nothing about this national racket, if they as usual just talk, look and sit. But if men and women of good will would join the good fight, by themselves or by joining the Crusade, then they will know that Jueteng is vincible.

10 September 2003