Tuesday, December 07, 2004


The Philippines now appears to be in a self-destruct mode. Our Country needs no foreign enemies, requires no defense against foreign aggression. Reason: The nation has filipinos who already insist in destroying it, has its own nationals who openly persist in wasting it.

The really shameful fact is that the demolition job is being done by no less than some of our own legislative officials. And their focus target is nothing else than the Supreme Court itself — this highest tribunal of the land which is the last recourse of citizens for the civilized resolution of their disputes. The truth is that the Supreme Court has the unenviable burden of deciding with finality about the life or death of those accused of heinous crimes. There is no reality higher in notion and connotation than human life itself. That is why in life or death issues, it is the Supreme Court that has the final say. If the truth must be said, this Country needs the Supreme Court much more than the Legislature.

And it is now this Court of last recourse in the Country that is the object of the big ire and virulent attack by certain politicos directed at the person of the Chief Justice. This reckless and lamentable phenomenon is an ominous sign of worst things to come — if not stopped in due time. Sad but true, this Country has a good number of politicians who are not beyond suspicion in their partisan interests and political motives.

Is is not enough that our Country has Drug Lords, Jueteng Lords, War Lords and Criminal Lords. It is neither enough that the nation is already reeling in poverty, discontent and cynicism. We now have certain Congressmen with their cohorts who are trying hard to be experts in destabilizing the Country and in tearing the nation apart.

Is it true that we Filipinos have a damaged culture? Thus it is that self-interest is supreme, that destroying beats building, that to get is better than to give. The consequences of all these are obvious: Poor we remain. Underdeveloped we stay. There is no national pride. There is neither national unity. Thus it is legitimately asked: What are we doing? Where are we going?
27 October 2003