Friday, December 10, 2004


Will all Filipinos of influence and credibility tell their warring brothers to try peace for a change? Will its friendly neighboring countries help the Philippines to ultimately have and enjoy its national peace? Will the United Nations want to mediate in a national internal problem with its international external persuasion?

It is not a secret that the Philippines—for reasons only known to God—has a relatively long history of wars and strife. And these have been waged from without and within. Conquered and invaded, the country seemed to attract warriors like flies. And if these did not come, we Filipinos simply waged war against one another.

What is wrong with ourselves, with the world? When shall our country be left in peace by foreigners and locals alike? Would the “peace time” of the past never come back?

Meantime, with the real and prolonged civil war in Mindanao, the fear of both foreign and local capitals arrest Philippine trade and industry, drive national poverty to deeper level, make the present and the future of the nation so unpredictable.

How sad it is that we Filipinos seem bent to destroy our own selves, our own country. And much sadder it is if we have to cry for help, seek the assistance of other countries in order to save us from our own selves!

It is already a given and admitted fact that we Pinoys are by nature divisive, that disunity and dissent are our cultural traits?

To accept and affirm such national liability is not only unfair but also untrue. The sad reality is that there seem to be always some Filipinos who are not so, some Filipinos who should not be in the Philippines. How pitiful that there are certain foreigners who love the Philippines more than its own citizens, who work and intercede for the country to be at peace. We can only hope that where we fail, they succeed. We can only pray that when we are lost, they manage to save us.

10 April 2000